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Is oatmeal healthy?


Contrary to popular belief, oatmeal doesn't have that much nutritional value. It does contain some fiber in the form of beta glucan. Since most of the population is sorely lacking in fiber, it's easy to

Is oatmeal healthy?2024-06-13T18:06:16-05:00

What does metabolic flexibility mean?


Metabolic flexibility refers to the ability of the body to switch from one fuel to another depending on fuel availability  and the demands of energy throughout the day.  A healthy, flexible metabolism can switch between

What does metabolic flexibility mean?2024-06-13T18:04:16-05:00

What is cyclic fasting for hormone optimization?


Cyclic Fasting (my term) refers to not fasting at all for women a week before menses. The point of it is to maximize the body's ability to make progesterone when it needs it most.  Progesterone

What is cyclic fasting for hormone optimization?2024-05-26T08:35:56-05:00
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