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What are some benefits of Manual Osteopathy?


Manual Osteopathy increases joint mobility, decreases pressure on spinal nerve roots, reduced pain sensitivity, increases endorphins (natural pain killer), activates paraspinal reflexes (helps the body recover from tightened muscles) and inhibits somato-somatic refelxes (high activation

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What is Manual Osteopathy?


Manual Osteopathy, sometimes called OMT, is a hands-on therapy that uses a wide range of techniques to treat musculoskeletal and neurological complaints. These techniques are usually gentle and beneficial for chronic pain conditions.

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What is the history of Manual Osteopathy?


Manual Osteopathy was founded by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. Dr. Still believed that the structure of the body is directly related to its proper function or dysfunction. Dr. Still founded the first Osteopathic College in

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